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Yemen’s civil war leader killed

Yemen’s Ex-President and the Vice President of the last stable government in Sanaa, Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed yesterday. Known for switching sides for his own political survival, Saleh failed himself when he switched his support from his Houthi allies in favor of a Saudi-led coalition.

Saleh, a strongman who ruled Yemen for more than three decades was killed after he tried to flee his besieged home in Saana. His overtures to Saudi Arabia were seen as a coup by many and a possible reversal of fortunes for Iran in the region.

Saleh’s alliance with Houthi rebels was always one of convenience than of any real political alignment. There were always doubts that the two allies will turn against each other.

Post the killings “Supporters of the Houthis drove through Sanaa’s streets blasting celebratory war songs” – reported Reuters.

The end of Saleh could very well mean end of his organisation and it is bound to make the Iran aligned Houdi Rebels a lot stronger. May be once Saleh opened up to peace with Saudis, Riyadh should have had git him extracted. For now its another victory for Iran and the gruesome Yemen civil war continues to claim its victims

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