Will Kejriwal repeat faces after ‘Office for Profit’ MLA disqualification?


While it is now certain that Delhi will get itself a midterm polls on 20 seats, what is still not sure is that if all sitting MLAs will again get AAP tickets.

Lately there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that AAP is just another person centric party which has managed to throw away any morality long ago. The recent manners in which it gave away Rajya Sabha seats was almost reminiscent of real politic by Mayawati. In our view, taking leave from the same page it will not be a far cry to imagine that at least 8-10 MLAs will not even get the chance to recontest the elections.

From distribution of the liquor licenses to the bahubalies who run water tankers, AAP has made new influential friends in past three years. Most of these ‘new friends’ can also help the party with hefty donations and ‘volunteer mobilizations’ during election times. It would make a lot of sense to let some of these men and women, who have had earlier political experience, become the face of the party.

Then there is the problem of discontent and factionalism. An astitute politician may see this as an opportunity to set his rivals in the party for uphill tasks. Any victory is expected and any loss can well be end of political challenge to Kejriwal.

Then there is always the reason to pull back the best to start working for the General elections of 2019. The organisational demands on MLAs is a ruse that has been successfully employed in almost all other political party, and this time AAP too has a chance to make itself count.

At any rate a sizable amount of these seats will be lost by AAP (at least 8 by our count). Kejriwal needs to look both good in short term and benefit in the medium term from this opportunity. Mayawati has shown that her model has the resilience that Kejriwal needs, so when he taken it up asking questions will be foolish.

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