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Saudi Arabia

Where is Prince Bin Talal?

Senior Saudi Prince Miteb bin Abdullah paid a billion dollar for his release from Saudi custody, and if that was the rule of game then Prince Bin Talal should have had been out in no time. After all for the investor in Citigroup and Twitter and countless others one billion in dollars is just a pocket change.
Prince Miteb was once seen as a leading contender to the throne, while Price Talal never showcased any such ambition.

However it seems Alwaleed Bin Talal is having a different kind of treatment. The Daily Mail reported that ‘American mercenaries are torturing’ Saudi elite rounded up by new crown prince – and billionaire Prince Alwaleed was hung upside down just to send a message’

While CNBC called the report credible, it can only amount to overall question mark on the Business of Saudi Arabia. Price Talal is the man who supported the Murdoch family in their hour of need. To him relations were important and he helped his friends out of the way. Yet in his hour of need all we hear is a deafening silence.

Even with his humongous interests in American companies, Trump promises unwavering support to his tormentors. In the hope that Saudis will form an alliance to defeat Iran (with the help of billions of dollars of American arms and ammunition) the president of US is making wrong kind of deals in middle east.

In the land where relations, respect and pride are bigger than any money, nothing like this is ever forgotten. Pity that Trump doesn’t know this and MBS is glossing over it

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