When School Buses are attacked and administration is helpless

Yesterday, a violent crowd protesting against a movie pelted stones at hapless young students in a school bus in Gurgaon. Kids as young as four or five years old crouched down as stones and broken window glass was flying all around them.

Cops stood nearby, helpless to protect the young as medical sentiments played out. Another bus from Haryana road transport corporation, just in from of the school bus was set on fire.

Till date no arrest has been made and no official has been reprimanded. Haryana police may find solace that no casualty happened but why did the young had to witness this carnage?

Is Haryana’s constabulary so powerless that every time a group of 150 strong mob faces it, it loses its purposes. It has failed to prevent mass rapes on highways and now fails to protect children in states biggest city.

While some Rajputs may rejoice on the pride of terrorizing four- year old, and prevent a movie from screening it’s time for rest of us to ask a simple question, what does governance in India stand for? It certainly cannot protect its kids against alleged Rajput pride for fear of losing votes in upcoming elections. It cannot protect public property – buses in this case – which serve poor in remote areas, and it certainly cannot guarantee any sort of safety to common men or instill fear of prosecution who break law.

This incident may force many to think that, as long as, one can classify himself as ‘nationalist’ and ‘hindu’ no crime is heinous enough to even attract an inquiry. May be our Nazification has already started and in ‘strong leaderships’ we are juts nurturing a power-hungry dictator. Nothing would make us happier to be wrong, but unless such times, start praying to gods that our kids return home safely everyday for no one else can ensure that, surely not the BJP governments in power.

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