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Gujarat Elections

When PM is reduced to a party leader

Prime Minister Modi is a very hard working prime minister. In terms of his labour towards his office, he might even be ranked highest of all those who held ever held. He doesn’t even take leave on national holidays or festivals.

All this gets on a complete backburner once BJP get into electioneering in any of the state. Sometime back UP elections caused the disruptions now its Gujarat.

The Prime Minister has organized his officials in a way not seen over three decades. All most all decisions of all his cabinet colleagues go through PMO. The functioning is more reminiscent of a CEO who loves to micromanage his multinational corporation. However in this case the CEO is taking long breaks to invest in his branch offices of UP and Gujarat. And it comes with two issues that Modi urgently needs to look into.

The first one- without doubt – the disruption his absence causes. Since his whole administrative style is centralized, his absence help no one. The entire idea of remote and virtual office is a farce for someone who runs the entire country. Since he ha made himself responsible for everything, he cannot be away from Delhi when a gunfight breaks out in Srinagar or when next round of GST decisions need to be made. His cabinet colleagues has given in to him completely, so it implies that he has to be there to run this country.

The second problem is a bigger one. In elections one needs to please his constituency, but in doing so what happens to the diplomat inside a Prime Minister?

As a Hindu nationalist I would have loved Modi the opposition leader for taking on the Christian religious conversion in rally in Gujarat. However as a responsible citizen I find it hard to understand the bias that Modi the PM carries. BJP may have their reasons to oppose conversions, they may even be hostile to idea but the government and those who run it have no place to stop it. The Prime Minister is bound by his oath to office and as long as he is the PM his only agenda can be that which the parliament approves or the law of the land permits.

BJP and its leaders are not there is power to work for the people who voted for them or can vote for them, rather they are in bestowed with authority to work for entire nation as one. Perhaps PM should listen to his own mann ki baat for once.


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