When BJP is more like Congress

A culture for high command, ruthless command over institutions, disconnection with grass roots and hiding lack of delivery behind meaningless debates. This was introduction to Congress for much of this century. Slowly but surely BJP has quietly replaced Congress as the hated major power in the Cnetre that does not care about anyone or anything except its own grasp on power.

Rise of Modi the autocrat.

Prime Minister Modi has rough resolve and leads from the front and those are the qualities India yearned for in the Manmohan Singh years. However what he is too busy for his own good. He does not have capable cabinet colleagues who can support him in his agenda. While some of it seems to be by design, the others seem to be case of wrong choice for the role. While role of both Ministry of Home Affairs and External affairs has been heavily curtailed by PMO, the ministries of Defence and Finance are manned by inexperienced or absentee ministers. As such, almost all policy decision making is being vested with PMO with no difference of opinion within the ruling party and ministers. Anyone who questions Modi is a traitor to the cause. The cause however remains unknown!

Rise of Amit Shah the manipulator

Amit Shah has build his reputation by winning the lost causes. To him mandates don’t matter. Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Rajdharm has been thrown into gutter and BJP has compromised on its ‘moral image’ beyond repair. The entire drama of Karnataka where the Governor denied his constitution obligation by inviting a minority (and imaginary) coalition – contrary to the evidence before him speaks volumes of Mr Shah’s bravado. The problem is that he playing the same had too very often and his opponents are learning how to get better of him.

The fall of dedicated cadres

There is certainly rise in number of BJP workers, however their quality has changed without a doubt. What used to have nationalist professors, educated executives at core, is now comprised of opportunist traders and youth leaders who see politics as a short cut career. In a sense BJP cadres have become more like the erstwhile congress cadres on a who were known for their ability to get quick fixes from Mai-Baap Sarkar.

Congress is still better at being Congress

While INC has been a leaky bucket of quality leaders, it still understands what it takes to run this country at a national level. BJP in its absolute majority has mimicked too much vice of the grand old part, without taking good from it. It has not really promoted its regional leadership into positions of importance (like that of Sharad Powar, Sangma, mamta bannerjee, while they were in Congress). If anything the BJP high command views its popular chief minsters in Rajasthan, MP Chattisgarh as potential competition.

Modi is fast running out of option for 2019. If opposition starts asking tough questions he may not have enough men and resources to answer back and that would be a pity since India still needs a leader who leads from front.






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