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When AI replaces everyone, who will be left to pay for it?

While I live and write this article in a knowledge driven economy, I fear of being extinct. In the world of tomorrow, why would read a piece like this when his AI can give better prediction. Even better the prediction will also go to a ‘decision making’ AI, which would compute all possible outcomes before choosing a most favorable one.

While Automation and Robotics have largely reaplaced /started replacing human labour, AI can replace human intellect together I see no role for most of us in a society where the AI + Automation will exist.

It’s not a hypothetical Skynet scenario that we are talking about but a real eradication of both the blue collar and white collar jobs and complete breakdown in social order. We will have the master who will control AI and Automation and scavengers who will serve the masters at time or on the periphery. The skilled workers will not be more than the drones that clean machines or fix cables that get information relayed. In due time AI will figure out how to cost out humans, and will continue on its path to optimize where humans, their lives and believes will be the lowest possible cost.

And within the complete breakdown of all the systems and scoieties as we know today, a small question of who will pay for upkeep of this technology will not even arise. The technology will start replacing humans as a way of process optimization. The cost savings will initially pay for this tech roll out and in due course the tech itself will start earning money.

Imagine a self-driven car that transports goods and raw material, gets paid through a neural link and then spends this money for its own upgrades and maintenance.

This society will take time – may be 30-40 years to start making humans redundant, but it’s coming for sure. The times of feudal lords who will control the technology and remains being their loyal servants is not too far away. Honestly while I write this piece I am not very sure how to educate my infant son- should I drive him to be data scientist or a real survivor or both… but I am pretty sure there will be no future for him later in his life if he is neither

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