Water shortages in Pakistan: An impending economic crisis

In the neighboring Pakistan there are reports that water shortages from monsoon appear to be higher than previously estimated. Storage in the reservoirs and river flows are at 10-year low.

Rive Kabul outflow has dropped to 4,000 cusec Jhelum outflow is varying between 5,000-6,000 cusec. The overall water in Pakistani river is almost 21% lesser than the same time last year.
The weather forecast is predicting lower than normal rainfalls over the next three to four months.
Coming just before the Rabi sowing season, this shortfall may spell disaster for the agriculture based Pakistani economy. With almost 30 percent shortfall in water for irrigation, the supply of Gram, lentil, tobacco, rapeseed, barley and mustard may be severely disrupted.

Things could not have degenerated at any worse time. Recently World Bank warned of an impending economic crisis. At present Pakistan’s current account deficit is projected at US$12.1 billion , with a trade deficit of US$32.4 billion.
Majority of the population, directly or indirectly, dependent on Agriculture. It contributes about 19.53% percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and accounts for 42.3% of employed labor force and is the largest source of foreign exchange earnings. Any drought like situation hits overall economy much more dearly.

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