Uttar Pradesh gets ₹ 60,000 investment promise. Modi gets the credit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday  attended the groundbreaking ceremony of 81 projects in Uttar Pradesh, with a total investment of over 60,000 crore rupees. These projects have materialised within a few months after the UP Investors Summit, which was organized in February 2018, in an effort to attract investments and promote industrialisation in the State.

Around 80 leading industrialists, including Aditya Birla Group’s Kumar Mangalam Birla, Adani Group chairman Gautam Adani, Essel Group chairman Subhash Chandra, and ITC Ltd managing director Sanjeev Puri, participated in the event.

Despite its size and diaspora, Uttar Pradesh remains one of the most lagging states in terms of all development indices. The state ranked 18th  (of 23 Indian states) in UNDP ranking in 2015. The lack of opportunities mean much of its educated youth end up outside of state – mostly in NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore. The local businesses are also marred by unreasonable demands by politically connected strong men and a feudal culture rules the place.

Inspite of electing 80 members of Lok Shabha and being bastion of most prime ministers in the country (including PM Modi), the industrial activities have never really taken off in last three decades.

While the each of the 81 projects launched in the state are welcome, only time will tell if any of them will see the light of the day or they remain empty promises in an election year

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