#UnsubscribeSonyTV: The misguided nationalism

There has been a call on Twitter to unsubscribe SonyTV from their Cable packages and Mobile phones. The question is to what end?

Apparently, this is because the Channel aired an episode of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ with Sidhu after he advocated for cooler heads to prevail in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack.

When 44 of our Jawans come back to home wrapped in tricolor, Sidhu’s communication was ‘ill timed’ at the least, the fact that there is a vehemently vocal lobby that is going after him is a lot more alarming. Even more alarming is the fact that anyone in their path is to obliterated hence #UnsubscribeSonyTV.

Yes, it’s a time to be angry and mournful. But there has been no national flag a half mast, no cancellation of any public or private entertainment program, even the Prime Minister of India has kept up with his election rally schedule.

The Nationalists should demand that PM, in person sitting in in his office and coordinating India’s response. His words will mean a zilch if a retribution is not carried out. We should be demanding reasons for the security failure that resulted in a ton of explosives collected into a Maruti van. We should be asking for the flag to fly at half mast and a proper message to nation by President himself and first of all we need an official statement that it was Pakistanis.

We have been (again) hit on our roads and it cannot go unpunished. Unsubscribing Sony and muting Sidhu is not the answer.

The nationalism, when misguided, becomes a laughing matter and neither the martyrdom of our Jawan nor this Nation deserves it.

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