Trump Diplomacy: Unconventional and unsure

Trump Kim

‘America First’ was meant to be an electioneering slogan, or so thought most of the pollical commentators.   Like ‘Yes we can’ it was supposed to be relegated to the history as the real politic started ticking.

Trump Administration, however, has remained true to its electorate for biggest of his promises. He did try to get the Wall on Mexican borders and has already started to leverage power of US as a market with all his trading partners, including allies. His policies seem to be delivering on ground with unemployment rates dipping and average wealth rising even for ordinary joe.

However the his point of his contribution towards the world history is going to be his engagement with Pyongyang.

As per KCNA – the North Korean news agency   Trump in his summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, has committed to “security guarantees” and to “lift sanctions.”. In the US version of public statements, the sanctions are to stay, until the isolated nation moved to give up its nuclear arsenal.

This is a serious toned-down version from the two sided who have technically been at war since 1950. Trump along with Kim may be qualifying themselves for Nobel Peace Prize. More than that they may together change the compete status quo of the region.

The Traditional alliance of US are feeling the heat. South Korea and Japan do not see any reason for US to take its guard down. The only reason why the two themselves are not nuclear armed is because of US pledge to protect them. The North Korean Army is not something that can termed friendly by the two.

Down south, Philippines has already broken ranks and finds a friendly China to be better than its ex-colonial masters in Washington DC. Taiwan is being scared by PLA almost on a weekly basis and is desperately looking at US for survival. While Australians wait for someone to rekindle Obama plans to encircle China and its influence in the region.

Trump may be playing a good short term game but when it comes to long term strategic objectives, there are more questions than answers in Trump administration.


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