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Tripura too falls to NDA

New Bosses of Tripura

Tripura, the last true blood red bastion too has fallen to BJP. In a state where BJP had almost no presence or organisation to speak of the result speaks volumes of Amit Shah’s electioneering. With Manik Sarkar on his way out, the state looks at new possibilities and ways of rule, deemed impossible for a generation or two.

The communist mindset is too well entrenched into the state. The district party leaders are above district administration, and the government themselves have no idea of how to separate itself from the ruling party. When TMC routed communists in West Bengal after 27 years of rule they too faced the same problem. In Mamta Bannerjee’s scheme of things, the red of CPI(m) with blue of her party and administration was made second to her party office bearers at all levels.

The challenge itself is humongous for the BJP. Every single ill of 25 years of Manik Sarkar administration directly or indirectly traces itself to this one issue of party before government. The arrangement itself is far too tempting for any political party to ignore. For any cadre based party this may seem a good way to implement its policies, however BJP has no cadre to speak of in Tripura. Much of its leadership is begged, borrowed or stolen from its rivals and continuation of Communistic arrangements will be looked upon as a possibility of greater ‘rewards’. The potential scams-in-waiting will be in stark contrast to Manik Sarkar’s rule and may pave a rallying point to entire opposition.

On the contrary if BJP is able to establish the rule of law with paty influence, it might present itself a template for next WestBengal Elections. The stakes are really big yet BJP may easily overlook administration in favour of 2019 general elections



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