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The world has a stake in US democracy!

Donald Trump, the 45th president of USA, is a lead in western genre movie. He is all gun blazing with anything that moves. He shot down trade treaties both in Pacific and on his own continent. He has made Canada question its allegiance to the white house when the later invoked American war of Independence. Europeans, all three dozen countries dont like him and even both the sides of Brexit in UK have come together to criticize him. Across the western sea board every one from China to Japan have their set of problems. Taiwan for one is complaining that it might not survive if US guarantee of security is withdrawn.

With world in turmoil, its in interest of the world to get involved in the US electoral process. As Mueller’s investigation layout the blue print as to how easily US elections can be managed by a hostile foreign power, it will be an even easier talk for friendly agencies to do so. From DGSE to BND and from MSS to ISI, every one has a reason to conspire against the US president when he will be up for re-election.

The art of alienation is so entrenched in the present US administration, that give a choice even FBI might not like to take side the US president.

While Muller may be looking for FSB/GRU involvements, the US president has made enough enemies out of friends that is going to keep the US counter intelligence busy for a foreseeable future. may be trump should get a new Anthem of his own ‘God save the King President’

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