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The Winters comes tomorrow at 6:30 AM India time

Game of Thrones is back for one last time to set our screen ablaze or freeze it in, icy winter.
As army of dead march towards Winterfell and Living get ready to fight for all life. Here is a list of things and events that will come in handy to explain the unexpected.

Weirwood trees

Weirwoods are considered sacred to the followers of the Old Gods, and children of the forest believe weirwoods are the gods.

These Gods seem to have witnessed almost every big historical event in the Westros. Given that there is a lot of historical explaining to be done and open plot lines to be told;  the trees, might come back in handy.

Also, the night king was created by the Children of Forest while he was tied to one such tree.

The White walker Symbols

The Spirals have been occurring in the Westros for as long as Children of Forest have existed. The White Walkers too seem to relish making them.The very first scene of Season 1, Episode 1 ends with a spiral  of dead bodies, attributed to icy cold White Walkers. We see the White Walkers using similar pattern of dead bodies in Season 3, Episode 3 and again in Season 6, Episode 5 when the Children of the Forest set about making the Night King.

For Sure these are not isolated incidents and meaning and mythology of these will be explained in next 60 or so days

Daenerys’ and Bran’s visions

Both the visions have a lot in common, parts of King’s Landing are frozen, and completely deserted. While in Deanery’s vision the winter has come to the Iron throne, in case of Bran along with the frozen chamber there is also a shadow of dragon flying overhead. With death and destruction implied everywhere, we can be certain that the Army of Dead is not halting at Winterfell.

Golden Company of Essos

The 20,000 strong army of well trained mercenaries, originally called upon to take on Daenery’s dragons can make the last line of defense for all living. We do know much of Lannister’s forces have been broken.

If White Walkers are marching south to King’s landing then even Dothraki, Knights of Vale, John Snow’s forces and Unsullied have been beaten.

This means that there is no WeStrosi force left to counter the dead. Golden Company may be the last line of defense or it may provide cover as humankind beats a hasty retreat to Essos.



  1. HVD

    April 15, 2019 at 3:03 am

    dOthraki not dethraki
    vAle not Veil

    • Independent Bureau

      April 17, 2019 at 9:51 pm


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