The rise of Crime and fall of Religion

The Power of Religion

The religion has always been center point of human civilization. The believe in a higher power and the fact that someone was always watching (and judging) has always been the center point of morality. The difference of right from wrong comes from the fact that the ‘right’ is incentivized by Gods and the ‘wrong’ punished.

Religion, to say the least, is the moral fabric of society.

The power of believes has always been exploited but even those who did so did believe in some limits of this wrong doing and somewhere in their hearts knew that these sins might never be atoned.

Lately all such limits have been crossed and religion (and religious by extension) have been basterdised daily by people killing innocents, blowing themselves up or fighting for causes that exist only in the minds of most atheistic religious leaders.

This misuse of believes has led to a genuine fall in believes. More than half of UK registers itself as atheist and even in India a good percentage of educated men and women to belong to a region but ‘not believers’

What happens when the moral fabric weaved by religion is torn? Well the most heinous of crimes are just okay with perpetrators. Be it brutal rape of young para medic or that of a 5-year-old in a Delhi school, just nothing is wrong any more. To the dissatisfied minds the material world has nothing to offer to them and higher plane has already been disfranchised out of existence. This makes crime a way out of the daily dissatisfactions. The cries of a 7-year-old don’t matter.

Back in 1980’s when Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan emptied streets, we as kids were free to play and explore. Fast forward to recent times, the reimagined Ramayan flops as a show on the satellite channels and we don’t trust anyone with our kids safety. While CCTVs watch us and our loved ones, the Gods have abandoned their watch. Since there is no hell any more where these perpetrators will burn for eternity, our judicial systems will repeatedly fail to provide reconciliation any more. The cycle of violence will be ignited.

May be this is the Kalyug we were warned, but I would still like to see this as a problem. The best part the problem itself is the solution. All it takes is a whole-hearted efforts of few individuals to rise above material gains and reintroduce all our faiths to us.


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