The Question of India Foundation

India foundation is almost a unique organization by Indian standards though any one with the slightest idea of the unstated purpose of Rockefeller Foundation or Ford Foundation would know why such an organization exists or what are its uses. The direct association of the foundation with Ajit Doval speaks no less.

For all intent and purposes India Foundation has direct links with Indian Intelligence and much like its western inspirations is used both for track II diplomacy as well as long term Indian policy objectives. Such originations give governments complete deniability and a last chance for peace even when all other forms of diplomacy fail.
The press conference by congress party which raised flags about the foundation should be questioning not the corrupt practices of the ministers and BJP office bearers that are part of it, but the fact that they all seem to settle into long term policy making of India, beyond any public oversight.

So when US and Israel’s defense corporations interact with IF, how much of that interaction is detrimental to our only all-weather friend, the Russians. How much of Indian interest are being protected and promoted by such a non-governmental agency is the question.

The very existence of such a body is beyond anything congress proposed or executed in its terms as UPA or otherwise. Such a foundation may well provide policy continuity and general global awareness to our international polices, however the same can also be used to make all established institutions redundant and abolish democracy.
The halfhearted attack from Congress is not going to accomplish anything. For those whom such a question would matter, the respect for Ajit Dhoval triumphs the alligations, for other it didn’t matter anyway.

In our view we truly wish powerful men like RN Kao (Founder Director of RAW) were around to ensure that the national interests are not compromised.

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