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The Power Grab of Xi Jinping

As China readies itself for live long presidency of Xi Jinping, all other stake holders are conveniently looking away. While some may proclaim that real power in China is with Communist Party’s Secretory General and that Xi will have to contest for it in 2022, means nothing.

In a very systematic house cleaning all possible opposition to Xi, from within the party, is already removed under corruption charges. Not even the business men with a hint of opposition are spared. In restructuring of its armed forces the old guard have been given a retirement or send to training schools. With both PLA and Party strongly under his hooks, Xi is riding high on a two decades of high growth and a fervor of nationalism not seen since the days of revolution. Like any other dictatorship, either one supports Xi or they are against Chinese interests.

For his elevation to a live term, The President said in text released by state media, this change “reflected the common will of the party and the people”. The six other members of the Politburo Standing Committee have already pledged their full support to the changes.

The power grab is so absolute that any one disagreeing is thought of as dissenting. The official support for the Xi’s rise is expected to be near 100%.

. The ambitions of to be crowned supreme leader are bigger than himself. His unabated support for PLA’s capability enhancements coupled with his diplomatic corps visibility in every capital city is already forcing the profilers to reconsider Chinese ambitions. The Chinese populance itself is not too concerned, as Xi represents their good times and promises better once ahead. So lets all well come to the new Chinese whisper – T Xi is China and that China is Xi.

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