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The Politics of Resolution Vs Politics of Status Quo

Settlement of Jerusalem can actually pave way for peace.

From the first Crusade in 1096 AD, Jerusalem has always represented the Gulf between the West and East. The fact that the strategically unimportant city is one of the most historical is a testament to fact that go beyond religious believes or fervors. While some of my colleagues find a folly in President Trump’s decision, the fact is that if Jerusalem is settled with a definitive victory it can settle a lot of conflict points. Imagine if Palestinians agree to a state with the city, will Israel accept it? Off course it will. Will Israel allow an unimpeded Palestinian Visit to the Holy site, it would as long as it gets title to the city. Will Arabs loose anything in reality – no, the entire city is already under Israeli Control.

With a little luck and a lot of diplomacy Trump may just achieve the impossible.

The Advocates of status quo are worried of violence in Arab world and destabilization of nations. There is no stability in Arab nations as of now. A Sunni Vs Shia and other Minorities war is underway various flashpoints. The nation states are building Armies and stockpiling weapons. Palestinian plight is almost forgotten.

With this background this may be the best time to finish what Crusades could not and bring peace to the holy land.

Trump in fulfilling his election promises may have just untied the knots of middle east dispute.


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