The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia announces sharing intelligence on terrorism, to invest U.S. $ 100 billion in India

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia – Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud, during his 2-day visit to India, has offered to share intelligence with India in combating terrorism jointly. He also agreed that listing of terrorists should come under the United Nation’s (U.N.’s) sanctions.

High level talks were held between Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi which stressed on a conducive environment for India-Pakistan talks. The talks were held in the spirit of strong friendship that binds Saudi Arabia and India together. Both the leaders expressed satisfaction at the excellent state of bilateral ties of friendship and cooperation, marked by trust, mutual understanding, goodwill and respect for each other’s interests.

The Crown prince of Saudi Arabia said, “As far as terrorism and extremism are concerned — which are common concerns — I want to tell India that we will extend all cooperation to you, be it intelligence-sharing… not only with India but also with the neighbouring countries.”

Speaking on terrorism, Modi said, “We have agreed that terrorism should not be supported in any form, and we should put pressure on countries that back terror. To end terror infrastructure, ending support to terror groups and punishing them is essential, so that young people don’t take up arms. I’m glad Saudi Arabia agrees with India on this.”

A joint media statement after high level talks, called on “all states to reject the use of terrorism against other countries, dismantle terrorism infrastructures where they happen to exist and to cut off any kind of support and financing to terrorists perpetrating terrorism from all territories against other states”.

Talking of investments, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia said that Saudi Arabia will invest U.S. $ 100 billion in India, over the next 2 years, in energy, refining, petrochemicals, infrastructure, agriculture and manufacturing. For the records, Saudi Arabia has already invested U.S. $ 44 billion in India, since Modi’s visit to Saudi Arabia in 2016.

Speaking on investment, he said, “We understand that there are opportunities for more than $100 billion investment in India. We want to strengthen investment and economic ties. We want to increase cooperation with India as it will give a new direction to our relationship.”

Crown Prince and Modi also appreciated the outcome of the Workshop between NITI Aayog and Saudi Centre for International Strategic Partnership (SCISP) organised recently in Riyadh 2019. The Workshop identified more than 40 opportunities of joint collaboration.

In the light of improving economic ties, both the countries signed the following Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs):
• MoU for investment in the National Investment and Infrastructure Fund of India
• MoU for cooperating in Tourism
• MoU for cooperating in Housing
• Framework cooperation programme between Invest India and Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority (SAGIA)
• MoU for cooperation on Broadcasting for exchange of Audio-Visual Programmes
• Agreement for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to join the International Solar Alliance (ISA) launched by Prime Minister of India

Another major announcement which came from the talks was the release of 850 Indian prisoners lodged in jails of Saudi Arabia. The decision was made on the request of Narendra Modi.

The Crown prince of Saudi Arabia also announced an increase in the number of Haj quota to 2,00,000 for Indian pilgrims.

After holding fruitful talks in India, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has now headed for China.

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