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Thanks RG for standing for Freedom of Expression #SacredGames

This may be one of the most mature statements by any political leader in India. When it comes to freedom of expression, leaderships in India always complaint of lack of it in Opposition and curb the same when in power. Taking a work of fiction as fiction has always been a problem for Indians.

The netflix web series Sacred Games ha shown Rajiv Gandhi in bad light and is making political waves since its release in beginning of the month.

So when Priyanka Chopra stops a fictional Hindu Terror plot in a fictional drama, she still has to post apologies to nation

No one dares to guarantee her freedom of expression. So when Sacred Games tarnishes Rajiv Gandhi’s role, its a welcome surprise that Rahul Gandhi puts work of fiction as fiction. It takes a big heart to do so. We half expected congress to plea under 69A of Indian IT act 2000, to stop Netflix in India altogether.

Hopefully this maturity lasts beyond April of 2019


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