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Syrian Army enters Eastern Ghouta

In its bid to push out Saudi and West supported rebels out of Ghouta, Syrian Army pushed inside the town of Mesraba. The town is just 10 KM from the capital Damascus and was a source of constant shelling on the government forces.

Syrian state television reported that army operations were intensifying in the central part of rebel-controlled town and the arterial roads inside it were its prime target.

The government offensive is based on its successful template which led to fall of other rebel lead towns. A prolonged siege, followed by air supported tightening of the region. This then leads to an unconditional surrender and amnesty for the rebels. Safe passage is the provided to anyone wanting to leave government-controlled areas, this includes family members of the rebels and other civilians who may expect any form of reprisals.

If media reports are to be believed some groups have already started fleeing the region through the routes still controlled by the opposition.
The fall of Ghouta may lead to the biggest loss to opposition and may start transition of the country to peace. The reconciliation, though, would be a longer affairs as the civil war has fractured the country into innumerable sectarian and religious fault lines.

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