2G Scam

Supreme Court found wrong doing, CBI court found no one guilty

In what can be a perfect cover up or botch up, CBI today managed to lose a case in a lower court where Supreme Court had ruled that former telecom minister A. Raja “wanted to favour some companies at the cost of the public exchequer”.

While the details of trail are still awaited the journey of accused from being charge sheeted to the judicial victory is nothing short of spectacular.

While erstwhile UPA ministers and stakeholders continue to celebrate the proved innocence, the matter of fact is that the loss to exchequer can be calculated by the difference in License fee earned during the initial allotment and in the bidding following the cancellation by the honorable Supreme Court of India.

Off late DMK’s closeness to BJP was giving indications upon a possibility of alliance. Unless Kanimozhi was acquitted, DMK was never going to do it. However now that the case has been settled and unless the loose cannon of Subramanian Swamy back fires, the alliance can have a green light.

For UPA too this may change the game. Now if DMK stays back, it can try and undo a ‘false’ allegation that tainted almost all its election campaigns since 2013. This may be the reason for prompt phone calls from Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh to Kanhimozhi.

Irrespective of the political game play in the background the trial fact that the quality of prosecution was nowhere near the requirement. The trial judge has noted “In the beginning, the prosecution started with the case with great enthusiasm and ardour” however “the quality of the “prosecution totally deteriorated and became directionless” towards the end.”

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