Robert Mugabe resign comes to an end after four decades of rule

Zimbabwe ex President Robert Mugabe (L) and his wife Grace

Robert Mugabe, the Ninety Three year old leader of Zimbabwe has resigned as president of country on Tuesday.
The embattled leader was facing impeachment process in the parliament, his party had disowned him and his loyal Army had an ‘almost coup’ against him.

The departure was greeted with jubilation on the streets. Local news channel broadcast shows celebrations all over the country.

People are looking at the resignation as beginning of a chapter in their nation’s history. By the end of his 37 years of rule, Mugabe was presiding over a wreaked economy, uncontrolled inflation and complete breakdown of economic-financial system. His administration, however, remained strong through a heavy mix of repression of his opponents and rewards for his allies.

At an advance age of 90 he started pushing his wife, Grace, 52, as his successor. Grace who was always looked upon as a secretory who used libido of nations leader to rise to power hardly had any support from any section of the country. People knew about Grace more for her shopping sprees in Europe than for anything to do with diplomacy or leadership.

Zimbabwe will now go through a major change, the resource rich country has no reason to be impoverish as it is. The country as Rhodesia was a better place to live even under the British colonial rule. Since the succession of Mugabe is still not out of woods, the focus on the country is not all lost by news editors.

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