Rahul Gandhi – Right man at the right time

All is not right in Gujarat for BJP. Prime Minister is campaigning like he is needed in every city ward, RSS has been roped in and Ram Mandir has been thurst back. BJP leadership is not even shying away from using a Pakistan card. While we still believe BJP can easily form the government in Gandhinagar, Congress is clearly resurgent. Rahul Gandhi is in command and his opponents are scared of him.

This makes Rahul the right person at the right time standing to a tall stature of Modi. The newly elected congress president has figured out that the may to handle the aggression of Modi is by patience. He has also demonstrated that the way to counter Amit Shah’s organisation is by building his own.

It was a long time in making, but it seems all time low seat tally in Lok Sabha has done the trick in Congress. Its leadership is out in the streets, mobilizing support and condemning the government where it deserves. Modi was wrong in believing that India wanted a ‘congress mukt’ nation. India needs a free and fair nation.
For quite some time now people in power have got away with everything. Modi failed to change that when BJP leaders were named and shamed for riots in UP. Its (and that of Sangh allied) organisations regularly engage is killing in name of cow. Its CMs become part of threat to Bollywood for telling a fictionalised version of story. The freedom of expression is under threat and BJP is catering to its ‘core’ constituencies.

Sadly, for BJP, India is bigger than cow-rakshaks and other such support base. People who like Modi for demonetisation truly believed that it was beginning of a change. It was not so. For all the talks of development none is perceptible. The biggest game changer – BharatMala will be launched in last year of Modi’s term, for which Arun Jaitley has no money!’
In this back ground, when a leader, with a Gandhi surname, spends time at Mohalla level, he mobilizes support that is unheard of in recent past. When Congress fired Mani Shankar Aiyyar, it set a bar, that BJP is not likely to meet any time soon.

While Congress is celebrating Rahul’s rise, the rest of opposition too welcomed the move. The Ex Rajya Sabha Member from Bihar Ali Anwar welcomed the appointment of new Congress chief and called him the defacto head of opposition in India.


Political Analyst Shivesh Garg agreed that this is the right time for Rahul to take reins of Congress, however he cautioned that it will not be an easy ride ride for him. It will still be a uphill task for Rahul to bring the opposition together.

While BJP can ask if Rahul Gandhi is Hindu, his credentials as an Indian mass leader are already in place. With Gujrat, Rahul Gandhi is all set to become president of Congress, just at the right time when the country needs opposition to check the autocratic ways of BJP.

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