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Prep your skin for Holi!

Holi! the most colorful festival of all, has finally arrived. It brings with it, overwhelming feel of joy, harmony, love and happiness. The fun of playing Holi with full freedom and blast colors on each other is unparalleled. But, at the same time, the chances of skin damage due to harsh chemicals present in the colors Holi and exposure of wet skin to bright sunlight, is also very high. Hence, to save your skin from all these hazards and enjoying the festivities without any inhibitions, its better to prepare your skin for the festival of colors, a day or two in advance.

Avoid treating your skin

Getting ready for the festivities is a good idea. But giving your skin treatments like bleaching, scrubbing or any kind of peeling makes your skin more sensitive at least for a few days, if not more. So, exposing yourself to harsh chemicals or direct sunlight, after such treatments can play havoc to your skin. Therefore, any sort of skin abrasion before such a festival should be avoided.

Load it with moisture

Keeping your skin moisturized is always the way to a healthy skin. For a festival like Holi, a skin full of moisture becomes a boon to in letting you play it without being afraid of skin damage. From a scientific point of view, if the outermost layer of your skin is left dry, it becomes easy for color chemicals to bond with it. But when you cover it with moisture, the oils present in it form a protective layer on your skin and prevent the color chemicals to form a bond. So, give yourself and your skin ample amount of moisture that it deserves. Right before stepping out for the festival, slather an oil-based moisture on all exposed body parts. You can also mix your moisturizer with a small amount of olive oil or petroleum jelly to make it richer.

Sunscreen is your mate for Holi

We all know that sun’s harmful UV rays a major cause of skin aging and pigmentation. Not many know that this effect of sun light on our skin becomes manifold when our skin is wet or under water. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to protect ourselves from direct sunlight as much as possible during the peak sunlight hours (which is when Holi is played). Before going out for the festival, apply a generous amount of waterproof sunblock cream on face and neck and all exposed body parts. An SPF higher than 50 for Indian skin should be sufficient. Do not forget to reapply it every 3-4 hours.

Just the way you prep your home and prep the delicacies of Holi, don’t forget to prep your skin as well and brace colors with full confidence. The above points would be of great help in giving you a free hand to celebrate your favorite festival and join the riot of colors.

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