Pakistani Eyewitness ratifies Indian Claim to BBC Urdu service

In the a tweet posted by BBC, a local Mohd. Abir narrates the night of IAF raids inside Pakistan controlled territory. The video apparently posted by BBC Urdu service ratifies Indian claim that multiple ground attacks were carried out by Indian Air Force and that Pakistani Air Defences failed to intercept India’s actions.

Meanwhile ISPR – The Inter Service Public relations, mouthpiece pf pak Army Maintains that India Aircrafts were not able to damage any civilian or vital infrastructure.

After a meeting of National Security Council with Pakistan’s Prime Minister the foreign minister of Pakistan has said that Islamabad will respond to Indian aggression at “ time and place of its choosing”

He further added that there was Indian claims were false and “that local and international media will be taken to the site of the Indian violation”. “The helicopters are ready. If the weather permits, then they will be taken there so they could inspect themselves and expose the Indian propaganda.”

Meanwhile Imran Khan, The PM of Pakistan, also held telephonic discussions with UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as well as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman over the issue.


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