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Pakistan accuses India planning Military Actions, New Delhi rejects

Pakistan accuses that Delhi was planning more military action against Pakistan in the third week of April. India denies the claim.

India has rejected Islamabad’s claim that New Delhi was planning more military action against Pakistan in the third week of April. MEA called the statement by the Foreign Minister of Pakistan as ‘irresponsible and preposterous,’ ‘intended to whip up war hysteria in the region’

Earlier Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said “Preparations are being made, and there are chances of another attack against Pakistan. According to our information, the action could be taken between April 16 and 20.”

The minister even added possible geography of his predicted Indian action.

“A new mishap could be staged in Indian-occupied Kashmir, just like [the] Pulwama [attack]. And its purpose will be to justify their [India’s] offensive against Pakistan and to increase diplomatic pressure against Islamabad.”

In a bid to add credibility to his statement the minister too full responsibility of his accusations. “I am speaking responsibly, I hold a position of responsibility, and I know the words I utter will be picked up by the international media”

Earlier in a response to a terror attack on Indian paramilitary forces in Kashmir, Indian Air force had stuck terror camps inside Pakistani controlled territory on Feb 24. Pakistan has responded to the attack with at air raid of its own on Feb 27, resulting in a loss of Mig 21 to India and possibly a loss of F16 to Pakistan.

The subsequent news reports also suggested that both the nations got ready to use their missiles at each other and that the war hysteria was calmed only after Western interventions.

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