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No one is crying over Jerusalem, so let it be

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The Pan Arab nationalism of Abdul Gamal Nasser is dead. It has been for a long time, but it took a Businessman turned Politician Trump to recognize a corpse.

Palestine with its capital in Jerusalem was always the rallying point in all of Arabia and much of the Muslim world for over seven decades, is no longer getting people on streets. May be it’s the Fatigue of constant warfare in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. May be it’s the persecution and constant muffling of voices in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Bahrein. Or juts maybe it’s because prosperity and its loss in strive torn neighbors.

Or maybe it’s a collection of all of above that all Arab capitals have been spared from visible anger at Trump decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Arab anger, if any, would have been grossly misplaced. Jerusalem has been unofficial capital of Israel for decades. The infrastructure and local understanding of sorts had already been achieved. Hamas’s outbursts not included, the resistance has been over with taming of Palestinian Liberation Organisation  (PLO). What remains of the Palestinian resistance is  just a proxy of Iran, that all Saudi Allies hate.

What started as a misguided attempt of land grab by Iraq in 1990 has eventually given room for Israel to be more than the elephant in the room. It is now the an active player at diplomatic level with all Arab governments.

While it may be a little early to write epitaphs for the Arab fight for Palestinian freedom, may be time for discussing ‘Palestinian Reserves’ with Tel Aviv has already arrived. History – it seems – has been repeated.


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