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Modi’s FM rest while trade war engulfs the world

“Trump Eyes Even Higher Tariffs as China Trade War Escalates” reported Bloomberg today. In the last few days while Sino US trade war is gathering storm, India seems to be ready to ride it on by ignoring it.

The absentee and (apparently) unwell Finance minister of India had comments on Nehru’s policy in 1950s but absolutely no words on his job for the day. The Sino-US war has every possibility of India becoming the dumping ground for Chinese factories. Indian Steel makers are first in line to loose, fabric manufacturers are next and almost all sectors are queued up. No directions from the Finance Ministry or PMO have been publicly posted to  Directorate General of Anti-dumping and Allied Duties (DGAD), nor has any Industry body taken into confidence.

The fact that the FM is well enough to write daily blogs and criticize opposition but not attend to matters of importance speaks volume of Modi’s cabinet. Its no secret that PMO runs Ministry of Foreign Ministry of  Foreign Affairs and Foreign Ministry of  Home Affairs and that has rendered both Rajnath Singh and Sushma Swaraj powerless. Jayanti Natarajan hardly has experience to understand Defense needs, let alone run the ministry.

It seems Modi has, by design, created himself to be the only power center and at the same time stretched himself thin to assure himself a failure. Meanwhile  India will soon have containers arriving from ports in Shanghai destroying Make in India once and for all. We really wish and hope a speedy recovery to the Finance Minister and his ministry



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