Lahore to decide Sharif is guilty or the Martyr

Navaz Sharif (along with daughter Maryam) is coming back to his country – his motherland and he wants ordinary Pakistanis to support him as he face judiciary which has found him guilty of corrupt.

While the local law enforcement has planned the Father daughter duo to be  arrested on their arrival at Lahore airport and then hushed to Islamabad by helicopter  for imprisonment, the PML-N has called for a popular uprising.

If the blood spills in the streets of Lahore today, it will truely be a turning point in history of Pakistan. Given the grip of Army on the entire nation we do not expect much to happen today, however if things were to get out of control the security establishment will use harsh measures to enforce its will.

This is precisely what Nawaz hopes for. Given the ranks of army come from the very districts that will be in turmoil if the above scenario were to unfold, the Khaki leadership will have to loose grip on absolute power in Pakistan, once and for all.

On the other hand if Nawaz goes down as yet another common criminal and is left to rot in Adiala jail, it will be a start for a managed democracy where Army will rule Pakistan without any hitch.

While Pakistan’s present crisis managers did everything by the book, ensure that Sharifs were in London while they were condemned, even got Saudi approvals, they never expected a death wish by the ex PM. This element of surprise is the only thing that Sharif himself is counting on. By extending the game beyond the known playbook, he has made the Army nervous and all he needs is somewhere someone to make a mistake.

With PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) breathing on the neck of every broadcaster and even online publishers, the chances are remote that Sharifs will have their wish.  But then as Sharif asked, its to the citizens of Pakistan to decide what they want. Revolutions typically come soaked in blood.

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