Kirkuk: Faceoff between Iraq and Iraqi Kurds on oilfields

Multiple reports suggest that the skirmishes between Iraqi forces and Kurds has started as the control of KirKuk’s oil fields is now being contested.


Last week both Baghdad and Kurdistan Regional government start moving forces to Kirkuk for an imminent showdown. Initially both sides showed restraint but the language has evolved quite quickly.

The Kurdistan Regional Government released a statement saying “Prime Minister al-Abadi has threatened Peshmerga Forces to not intercept or block Iraqi armed forces in the so-called disputed territories. We declare to the world that after these threats, all fault will lay with Prime Minister al-Abadi as commander of the armed forces of Iraq in case any security disruptions occur in these safe and secure areas and Prime Minister al-Abadi’s statements regarding the deployment of Iraqi armed forces on the borders and in the cities are unconstitutional.”

News from Iraq is no better with tweets like :

The Baghdad based government has also suggested that Peshmerga in Kirkuk comprise of Turkish PKK


As noted earlier the war against Pehmerga in Kirkuk can quickly become a war against all of Kurds in what they call as the greater Kurdistan region.

With things moving quickly only US has influence to stop the tanks in their movement. It can easily ask (read force) Baghdad to sit with its Kurdistan counterparts and sort out a deal. However with President Trumps preoccupation with Fake News, NFL, Mayors of Hurricane hit cities and ‘the wall’ lives of allies may not find enough importance to be saved from each other

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