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Israel pounds Syria after the later defends itself

After an Israeli F16 was shot down while conducting operations inside Syria against alleged Iranian targets., Israel has decide to double up on its efforts and massive air raids are being carried out in Syrian territory. This is the first time since 1980s that Israel has admitted to have lost an Aircraft to enemy fire. The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) is taking this as a matter of prestige that its air supremacy has been challenged. The pounding of alleged targets inside Syria, continues with impunity.

Israel continues to blame Iran for the flairing up the situation

and accepted that it is operating inside Syrian territory.

While the region closely watches yet another dimension of Syrian Civil War unfolding, the situation seems  almost akin to the beginning of WW1 when nation states entered into battlefield to meet their short term strategic goals, only to be bled in trenches for half a decade.

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