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Indian Army crosses LOC. Kills 3 Pakistani Army men.

News agency ANI has reported that Indian Army personnel crossed the Line of Control (LoC) on Monday night to enter Pakistan administered Kashmir and killed three Pakistani troops and injuring another, .

This mission was a retaliatory measure against a ceasefire violation by the Pakistani Army on Saturday, which claimed the sacrifice of four Indian troops.

While no official confirmation has been provided by the Army, no denial has been issued either. While the reality TV like the news shows on Republic TV will no doubt rejoice in the senseless act, the fact that it served no strategic purpose should be questioned in Amry HQ.

Pakistan kills our soldiers to f support of its terror operations. The cross border firing is mostly cover fire for Terrorists crossing into India. Other ceasefire violations are typically part of Pakistan Army GHQ telling its civilian government to let forget that India is an enemy and any hint of easing is not acceptable to it. Poor men in Olive Green and Khaki alike loose their lives for the ‘Ágenda’ of rich Pakistani Generals. The same Generals have in past, just easily disowned their own troops during Kargil war as ‘insurgent’ as Taliban in Afghanistan. Perticlaurly during the Afghan withdrawn many ‘off duty’troops were killed by Pakistan’s border guards to establish that Pakistan was not responsible for Taliban.

Killing a few more of such expendable men in Khaki does not serve any purpose for India either. Yes we lost a few men in cross borders firing and our artillery did respond in kind. Carrying out a cross border raid is another matter altogether. If we keep up with this kind of bravado, its matter of time when one of our buys is captured.

At that point either we face an international humiliation or get another gift wrapped mutilated body. Either of the options is not acceptable to me as a citizen of India.

The real perpetrators of the crime will keep on raising toasts in Rawalpindi while men keep on dying on both sides of border.

The government needs to respond and respond in kind. For every mortar, there needs to be howitzer shell fired, for every shell, Pinaka rocket artillery should be engaged. Nothing – including tactical nukes should be off the table. Every thing without violating the sanctity of LOC. Modi must never forget that when Indian Army was kicked out of Kargil it was this sanctity that helped it restore to its previous positions. Atal Bihari will always be remembered as a diplomat who won a war that his Army had lost earlier, hope someday Modi will learn how to be a better leader,

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