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India is warming towards the use of Drones

India is warming towards use of Drones. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) announced draft regulations on Drones by common man, yesterday.

As per the draft the drones have been classified in 5 classes based on their take-off weights. Drones under 250 gm of take off wight have been termed Nano, from 250 Gm to 2 Kg the class is called Micro, from 2 Kg to 25 Kg the class is called mini. From 25 Kg to 150 Kg its small and above 150 Kg its called large.

All drones are to be operated in visual line of sight and below 200 feet. No night time flight I permitted. Drones are not permitted to carry hazardous material and that of humans.

All commercial drones are required to be to be registered with DGCA.

The draft regulation also specifies certain restricted areas for operations of drones. Drones cannot be operated within an area of 5km from airport, within permanent or temporary Prohibited, Restricted and Danger Areas as notified by AAI in AIP and without prior approval over densely populated areas or over or near an area affecting public safety or where emergency operations are underway and within 50 km from international border and beyond 500 m (horizontal) into sea along the coastline.

Commercial usage of drones is gaining steady momentum as multiple industries are working with drones as part of their daily regular business functions. Althought the drone industry is in its infancy, it has already begun to witness major investments from as varied industry as those with logistics and Ariel photography applications

The massive drones, already available in Indian markets as toys and semi-serious applications can soon expect a legal cover and guidelines for their usage

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