Incredibles 2 teases, coming to theaters in summer 2018

Ever since i saw The Incredibles in 2004, i have always wanted to more of Parrs. Specially the Diaper draped Jack Jack.

It took fourteen years for the Pixar and Walt Disney to finally dish out a sequel to us. Today Disney Pixar released a teaser for whats to come

The trailer hints at a major role for Jack Jack this time around.

The Incredibles was a major success of 2004, grossing over 70 miilion dollars its opening weekend. The overall worldwide earning of the movie was over 631 Million USD. Disney-Pixar announced the sequel in March of 2014, originally planning it for a 2019 release, but later switched the date with that of “Toy Story 4,” which will now debut in 2019.

“Incredibles 2” hits theaters June 15, 2018.

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