Imran Khan wins Pakistan. Allegations of unfair play pour in

Imran Khan led Tehreek-e-Insaf, has emerged as the single largest party and can form the next government in Pakistan. An unofficial report from Dawn newspaper documented PTI to be leading in 119 seats, while Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz got away with only 61 seats and the Pakistan Peoples Party got 40. While npt party has required 137 seats to form the government, it will be matter of over night horse trading for Imran Khan to arrive at the magic number.

While PTI supporters took their celebrations to streets, the victory is anything but sweet. The country has had four currency devaluations in last eight months.The country is in immidiate need of a IMF bailout while relationship with US is at an all time low. Imran Khan himself opposes US’ policies in the region and supports Taliban insurgents operating in Afghanistan.

Khan believes in a hardline stance against India, and supports Chinese initiative of CPEC. Many believe, PTI is a proxy for the powerful Military and is carrying forward the Army’s agenda.

Shehbaz Sharif, the younger brother of Nawaz, rejected the election results after (allegedly) PML-N officials were kicked out of polling stations. Pakistan Peoples Party co-chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zadari, expressed similar concerns on Twitter.

According to a Dawn report ECP Secretary Babar Yaqoob rejected the notion that there was any ‘conspiracy’ behind the delay in transmission of elections results. “The only reason for delay was a technical fault in the Results Transmission System (RTS), which stopped working when thousands of polling officers began using it simultaneously,” he clarified.

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