How will India retaliate on Pulwama attack?

Irrespective of what bravado from New Delhi, the options before India are extremely limited to retaliate the senseless killing of 44 CRPF jawans. While Pakistan has denied its involvement in the carnage

India is blaming Islamabad without mincing words.

The fact is that there are very limited avenues left for India to take up an action.

Surgical Strike

Surgical strike, or any sort of commando raid is not carried out after formally announcing it. Pakistani forces are in a state of readiness and are expecting it. The assets that India will like to take out will precisely will be the one  that would be given best possible cover by Pakistan. Masood Azhar, for one, has had best of protection and it can only be expected to be increased.

Cruise Missile Attacks

While Bramhos , fired from Sukhoi 30 MKI can get the job done with relative ease (Assuming a local asset has provided the target), collateral damages may spark a wider war between Nuclear armed neighbours. Also nothing stops Pakistan retaliating with a a few Babur Missiles on advance Indian bases and oil refineries in western sector.

Covert Operations

Both Indian and Pakistani Intelligence generally don’t have direct covert actions in each other’s domain. The reason is ironical. Both the agencies know that they are heavily infiltrated by other. This is any one of the reason that attacks on Indian soil are carried out by ‘outsourced’ militants.

Trade barriers

India already has limited trade with Pakistan. The only country which can force Pakistan to listen to reason is China, and Beijing has no reason to attend Indian requests. With US’s own servicemen loosing life to Pakistani supported Taliban, there is little that Washington can deliver

Indus River

Diverting sizable amount of Indus waters, in violation of Indus Water Treaty is another step that India can take. But this can rally Pakistan to declare war on India even before an attempt to the effect is made. Indus is lifeline of Pakistan and every drop of it will matter to the country

Naval Embargo

Once again, Pakistani Navy is strong enough to avoid any such embargo near its ports. While blue water shipping can be disrupted, Pakistan will not be kneeling unless its oil supplies are effected.

In effect there is no scenario, short of  a deceleration of war, that help India retaliate for Pulwama attacks. Modi has his job cut out for him, and is he delays, might be for the next PM of India



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