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How to influence US election: Online guide available on every news channel


In the age of Internet, influencing users is no longer an art or science, it is simply a fact. Search ‘influencer campaign’ and you may find over almost 10 million results. Companies use it, countries use it and still it’s being made an issue in US elections.

With Mueller’s enquiry into Russian meddling in US elections, if anything, it’s the weakness of American election process that is exposed. Its social, political and cultural fault lines are now for anyone to see.
In the documents exposed to Bloomberg and Reuters it has been claimed that 80,000 Facebook posts were used to influence the campaign. At 10 cents a post to be paid in a third word county, it would cost just 8,000 USD. Earlier, Facebook disclosed $100,000 ‘Russian’ election ads.

It has been claimed that another 1.4 million tweets were also part of the effort by the Russians meddling in the elections.

In totality the total amount to decide who wins the most coveted office would have had resulted from just 500,000 USD spends.

Now this ought to be looked into by the various corporation who spend millions into influencer marketing as a benchmarks.

While Mueller is looking into faults of Russians, he is also resurrecting ghost of Goebbels in every democracy in the world. We sincerely hope that this enquires gives a clean chit to President Trump else it would expose a systematic failure of public voting system which simply cannot be plugged.

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