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He sells the sea planes, but is it for Spicejet?

While Modi, in his bid to showcase a success, took a ride on a Sea Plane – he did so compromising established rules and regulations.

People in Governance – bothe the Prime Minister and Minister of Road Transport & Highways, Shipping and Water Resources, River Development are selling out a private venture even.

And now that of his ministry:

Both the PM and his cabinet collegue is selling a business preposition from Spicejet by riding a service so graciosly provided by the private company while its operation is pending approval both with DGCA (Director General Civil Aviation) and DGS (Director General – Shipping).

The laws are not in place, the regulatory framework is patchy – there is no dearth of Policy makers opens over stepping their boundaries. On Dec 9, chairman of Spicejet, Ajay Singh told reporters
“We want this service to start within the next 12 months; it will take at least 3-6 months for the regulations to be framed for the service”. The same day his boatplane was tested by Minster whose charge includes DGS and in two days, the same boat flew the Prime Minister.

As apparent in the statement above none of the regulators are finished with the service and any new demand that they could have had made from Spicejet will now go through an uncalled for lens. The lens of PM security. For if there was a lapse then it will be indictment of PMO and may the PM himself. Chances are – of such a flaw is found, it will be let go for a review, to be quiety placed at a later date without scrutiny.

In the meantime passenger safetly will be compromised. This in turn, if we believed is right, can achieve a quid pro quo. PM showcased his ‘ádvances’ gets a few more votes, while Spicejet might get expidiated approvals from the regulators.

This is what happens when the Cabinet reduces themselves to party leaders and conflict of interest blinds them from good of nation. For last three months it looks like Indian elected Chief Minster of Gujarat in 2014, while prime minister’s jobs are on auto pilot.

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