Even after custodial death of father UP police blames rape victim for changing Statement

Just how much intimidation is required to break a rape victim? Her Rape, her father’s broken bones or his ultimate death?

The facts are for everyone to see. A sixteen year old Indian kid is (allegedly) raped. Upon complaint her father is beaten and then taken into police custody on the complaint of attackers, then succumbs to his injuries. Just because the accused is a MLA of ruling BJP, the law, or even the shadow of it has all but ceased to exist.

In a press conference the Director General of UP Police called the accused as ‘Respected MLA’. He went on to claim that no effort has been lost by force to investigate the matter and that the compliant was not registered earlier since the victim was changing her statement. It’s another matter that even a formal complaint was registered after intervention of Chief Minister of UP.

The natural course of justice states that an accused is innocent unless proven guilty, but the UP Police seemed to have stretched it too far. If an investigation agency does not work towards proving the guilt they all accused will be innocent in all perpetuity.

Another poor man is dead, his daughter ravaged by sexual predators now will have to live with an additional guilt of causing her father to die. Meanwhile we should all go out and vote for Modi, Yogi and his party men since that is the only way to make this country great.

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