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European Union extends Brexit deadline to May 22, 2019

The European Union (EU) has officially extended the Brexit deadline of March 29, 2019 to May 22, 2019, provided the British Prime Minister – Theresa May is able to get her withdrawal deal through Parliament next week.

In case, Theresa May fails to get the deal through, the U.K. will have to propose a Brexit Plan B to EU leaders before April 12, 2019, for consideration. All Brexit option shall remain open till then.

The President of EU – Donald Tusk said, “All options will remain open and the cliff-edge date will be delayed. The UK government will still have a choice between a deal, no deal, a long extension or revoking Article 50 (the withdrawal notice).”

Speaking on extension, Theresa May said, “What this decision tonight does is show the clear choice that is open to MPs. I think the choice is clear for people. What the decision today underlines is the importance of the House of Commons passing a Brexit deal next week. Tomorrow morning, I am returning to the UK and working hard on building support to get the deal through. I hope we can all agree we are now at the moment of decision.”

The President of France – Emmanuel Macron said, “It is up to the British to sort out their own internal contradictions. As for us, we don’t have any. The responsibility now lies with the British, and I think that’s the big achievement of the day.”

Prior to EU’s official extension, Theresa May had failed to convince the EU leaders, during her 90 minutes session, on how she will get the agreement pass through the British Parliament. Hence, the EU leaders decided to take the threat of an immediate no-deal exit out of her hands.

Besides, the Speaker of the House of Commons had earlier blocked the British Prime Minister’s proposal to hold a 3rd vote on the deal, citing 400-year-old precedent which restricts Theresa May from putting up the same proposition across MPs again and again.

A cross-party group of MPs is now considering how they can best allow Parliament to force Theresa May towards a softer Brexit or no Brexit at all. A new amendment has been laid for debate Tory MP – Sir Oliver Letwin and Labour MP – Hilary Benn.

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