Enemy at the Gates. Kadi Ninda won’t do (And we may have a new solution)

Pakistani Army is good in being naughty. It defeated the red army using the same tactics that is now being deployed in Kashmir. Our borders are under attack and behind the line attacks are targeting are Army stations causing us both grief and anger.

For all the outrage we may have against Pakistan this is time to mourn our dead and more importantly to strategize how to defeat Pakistan in the game it is so good at playing.

Back when ISI trained Mujahedeen to fight the reds, it didn’t have any nuclear weapon and absolutely no hope of defeating the mighty red army if the two were to ever engage each other. The same remains true for a direct engagement of Indo-Pak Armies. However, Pakistan did defeat the Soviet Armies and the nation ceased to exist.

History teaches us, venting out anger at Pakistani Military leads might lead us playing right by their game plan. Irrespective of our actions, the misdirected anger, by those in uniform, would only create more of Pakistani aligned fighters on both sides of border. This is a dirty fight in which the ‘pig’ will only enjoy while we get dirty. So where is the answer?

Sadly, it may be complete inaction on our side of border. Or that’s how it should be perceived. This is a war of intelligence where those in uniform have a secondary role. No Surgical strike or limited artillery fire can fix the Pakistani mindset. The first thing that Indian ‘Kadi Ninda’ government needs to know is that how great is our pain.

Pakistan is going through a severe problem of balance of payment. The Chinese loans that are powering its economy are being rerouted to China for all sorts of imports. Pakistan’s own exports are farm based and lack of winter rainfall has caused a great dent into it. With US stopping aids Pakistan’s military is on a long financial leash. If India were to mover a couple of its division into Punjab and Rajasthan (for war games), the cost of matching mobilization on Pakistani side itself may make it economically vulnerable.

Further the loss of khaki pressure on Baluchistan and NWFP would be a right time to support indigenous movements and disrupt the massive investments of CPEC, further strangling the economics of nation.

These are some new options for India, since this is the first time Pakistan is focusing on growth. It’s a right time to teach our neighbors that growth comes only in peace and that they too will have to work for it.

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