Election’s silver lining to dark clouds of war

As BJP IT cell engaged opposition in trending #CongressPakistanUnited overtones of impending elections can be easily heard in middle of worst Indo-Pak confrontation in two decades.
We are trying to set the records straight for the Arm chair war commentators-

  1. Imran Kan is right in saying that wars cannot be predicted. If we as a nation and as individuals are committing to a war, it should be understood that in a likely scenario of Nuclear exchange, Indo-Gangetic plains will be inhabitable for over 800-1000 years.
  2.  Wing Cdr Abhinandan is in Pakistani custody and that Islamabad will extract its pound of flesh on any diplomatic approach
  3. The Military solution is to have Pakistani officers as prisoners will lead to more escalations and a potential climbing up of ladder towards Nuclear threshold
  4. We dont know if the original IAF raid was successful as Indian government has not released any such claim and Pakistan’s government has denied it altogether. This means we do not know if 200 terrorists were actually killed
  5. Masood Azhar is live and well and that successive governments of Modi, Manmohan and Atal have failed to take him out
  6. And relevant to today’s trend – India has 4.5 air superiority fighters in form of Su30MKI and Mig 29s. Why Mig 21s responded to F16 raids is for Air force to comment, not INC

We as representatives of media have utmost responsibility to refrain from anything that is not the truth..


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