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Diplomacy is dead. Long live Twitter.

Twitter Politics

It may well be the end of sweat spoken and articulate statesmen – the world over. The art of diplomacy has been rubbished and even the garbage bins seem to be having a nicer time than beautiful and measured language of the elite.
Diplomacy – for one is required to articulate a measured response. Take following tweet for example:

The statement completely overshadows the fact that the relationship between US and Canada and has a potential to alter the future of entire North American continent.
And this is not just limited to US. Take the following news leak for as an Indian example

It’s anyone’s guess as to how many such threat are being received by Indian Prime Minister on a daily basis and just how are deemed serious by the agencies protecting him. Irrespective this piece of news just planted anyone with a socialist inclination as a mortal enemy of a Nationalist leader. The irresponsible reporting have just tried to create a national ideological battleground where none existed.
See just how the irresponsibility is being extended…

The political leaderships and the journalists covering them need to outgrow the tween urge of being live on twitter and embrace the centuries old art of diplomacy. A good diplomat like AB Vajpayee can alter the course of his country for betterment while a bad can destroy broader gains while looking for pennies.

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