Delhi Smog and band aid efforts to patch it

Delhi Air Quality on Wednesday 9 AM 8 November 2017

North Indian Smog is as worst as it gets. Without understanding the reasons or the remedies – experts from all over the world are jumping to suggestions.
Air quality index of Delhi on Tuesday evening was 443 (Severe). While
As of 9 AM today the AQI was well above 650 – towards eastern parts of NCR it was 724.
The poor air quality as prompted the Indian Medical Association to ask the Delhi government to stop all outdoor activities and sports in schools. In the evening, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia announced that primary schools in the national capital will remain closed on Wednesday. The Suit was promptly followed by Ghaziabad, Noida and Gurgaon administrations.
The Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA), noted that “given the prevailing conditions and the concern about the possible deterioration in weather conditions, it is possible that severe plus or emergency conditions would need to be imposed in the coming days”
While Arvind Kejriwal has found neighboring states to be blamed

Things remain the same across north India. Umair Javed in Today’s Dawn blamed Lahore’s smog on its elites, he writes “Tackling Lahore’s smog will have to include the curbing of elite consumption patterns” as though the problem has a socialist solution.
What is clear, is that, it’s a pan regional problem. Also this is not a weather related phenomenon. Not once in past two years has Delhi’s visibility improved beyond 5 Kms, for most parts it was under 3 KMs. What we are witnessing is increase in severity due to weather.
The governments has largely sidelines all issues. No step has been taken to reduce car registrations in delhi and neighboring states, no effort has been made to increase public transport availability and ridership. No new metro routes have been proposed.
The Band Aids of Odd-Even will never work, a long term plan is required and for once discussions can be above politics , even political borders

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