Dear Prime Minister, where is the long-term vision detail?

During the last NDA term, we were given to believe that 2020 will be the year when India will truly arrive and that hard work of our citizens will make it a very special place. As 2020 approaches, China seems to be pretty much there however Modi government is seeming to make a dash towards it, without a laid-out plan.

To look back at truly nation building policy – the introduction of GST should have had been a welcome step, instead it has created too many nuisances to be taken care of. It should have been a reason to celebrate, has become a reason to be sacred of and reflects in our recent economic activity data. The euro adoption with phasing out of individual currencies was a much easier process than GST – only because of extensive planning.

Then there are smaller projects like the amphibious buses, that can both ply on roads and sail on water to promote tourism, which is all but shelved. Business Standard reports “Ambiguity over duty structure, registration issue and Infra, registration issues may sink Gadkari’s dream Amphibious bus at most suitable locations have stalled the dream project, multiple people in the know of the developments said. An amphibious bus imported by Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust at a cost of about Rs 3 crore about a year back is lying idle at the Port for want of clearances and ambiguity in rules”

The reverse bidding phenomenon for one is constantly pushing established companies out of business, in favour of traders. If L&T loses a reverse bid to a trader for Electricity meters, do you think those meters will be manufactured in India or will be imported from China with Quality compromises?

Similarly, off grid energy production increase is completely is on a standstill as no one knows the road map for the grid expansion.

From Bharat Mala to Demonetization, in every nation building activity that the Modi government proposes, a distinct lack of planning and a dearth of execution is part of the package.

Yes, we need to accelerate our movement of Goods and for that we need both new roads and GST to function but the ground reality is that states are yet to remove their tax collections check points (as promised under GST benefits) and the new road constructions are making more bottle necks instead of solving the traffic problem.

Even if we believe that last decade under UPA was a complete waste (which was not the case) Mr Prime Minister your teams are trying to employ nine mothers to deliver baby in one month. Your accelerations are choking economy. We are on way to lose our precious taxes right when we need them most to invest back into economy.

For all the good work you intend to do, from Make in India to the infra development everywhere the policies are too short sighted and do not really convey any alignment among themselves. Dear PM please prepare a road map where industries can understand the way ahead. You have institutions with which they can be made to survive any change in power structure of Delhi and only then can we truly progress.

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