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Congress readies it’s positioning for 2019

New Delhi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi today accused the central government for spreading hatred and said that his party can unite the nation and give direction.

He said that his primary work, after being recently appointed as the party chief, was to bring together veterans and youth of the party.

“The country is feeling tired right now, it is directionless. Only Congress can give direction to this nation. Our party does not leave anyone behind. Whatever we do, we do for the whole country and we leave no one behind,” Gandhi said in the opening address at the 84th plenary session of the Congress.

Sonia Gandhi, who was present on the occasion, also launched an attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that his promises of combating corruption and ensuring inclusive development were only ” dramebazi” and a trick to grab power.

Besides, she asked party workers to be ready for any kind of sacrifice to strengthen the party and to make the country free from discrimination, arrogance and political vendetta.

The slogans of sab  ka saath, sab ka Vikas and na khaoonga na khaane doings are only dramebazi  and a trick to grab power,” she said while referring to Modi’s promises of corruption free governance and inclusive development.

The plenary session is taking place at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium at the national capital and concludes  tomorrow eveningwhen Congress President is going to make another concluding address.

“Anger is being spread in the country, it is being divided and one person is being put against another. Our work is to bring the country together. The hand symbol can unite people. You (Congress party workers) are the representative of this symbol,” the newly elected party president added.

The Congress party would launched  four key vision documents over the weekend in its plenary session — economy, political as well as foreign affairs, unemployment, rural development and poverty alleviation.

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