Coming soon to everywhere near you: Bharat Bandh 2

Come August, and India can expect another round of misguided caste politics when its ‘alleged’ lower casts will call a nation wide strike. The Strike is to protest dilution of a law which makes any person of upper caste guilty of abusing lower caste on mere allegation from the lower caste. The law which in itself was formed on principal of Guilty unless proven innocent was diluted to innocent unless proven guilty by Supreme Court of India.

Logic, Justice and rule of law not withstanding, Indian political opposition has found its own golden chance to power in Delhi in the case. In what can be a bigger event that that was on April 2,”Dalits, ex-servicemen, and farmers will come together on a platform to raise their concerns and to express their anger against the current dispensation” .

Its almost back to the politics of 1990’s when BJP’s hindutva agenda was beaten down by Janta Dal’s caste based politics. Called Mandal v/s Cammandal the fight was squarly won by caste based mandal politics under the motely crew assembled under the banner of Janta Dal.

When it comes to political survival the Indian opposition is not holding back on any threats to national and social fabric. BJP too seem to be ready to respond in kind. However the only loser in this game , you , me and our nation will again only watch it from side lines as our children will again be taken hostage in their school buses and countless innocents will be reported as casualty figures.

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