Can Rahul Gandhi come of age?

To be president of Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi is a different man these days. Like YSR of Andhra in 2007, he has undertaken a massive low key effort to rebuild confidence of his party and reach in Gujrat. However he is still bound by an overall image of being a mediocre who has no idea of how to work for betterment of all of us.
Consider the following tweet

If instead of this he were to pint out specific problems and recommend solutions he may have earned some well-deserved respect.
He should know that GST is already in force and has been ratified by parliament along with almost all state legislatures. So tweets like following are meaningless.

Instead if he were to provide a specific way problem and its solution – both of which may be in consideration of GST council, he can claim government following his advice. For every problem with GST, there are only a few ways to avoid the problem, the list that RG can provide to government can be straight forward.
However it all depends on how Rahul would like to approach the leadership of his party and that of this country. At any rate this is a high time for Indian opposition to have a leader that actually challenges the government .

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