Tasty cakes don’t always have to be sweet

Recently we were invited to a salad contest and therein had our first brush with Smorgastarta. This heavenly dish can be a wholesome meal and is a cake that you will not be able to stop eating.

The winner of the contest, a budding home baker, Ms Chandni Singh treated us to secrets of Smorgastarta. She told us that it is a sandwich layer cake with several layers of white or rye bread – It has a base filling of eggs and mayonnaise.

Additional filling may include caviars, olive, tomato, cucumber, ham, shrimp, cold cuts, smoked salmon etc…
It is served cold & cut like a dessert cake

For those of you who prefer Vegan options Chandni actually prepared wholly vegetarian Salad Cake for some of us.

That was our first taste of the cold delicacy and the cake didn’t survive our appetite for long.

If you like tasty food, Smorgastarta should be your next quest

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